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Back-to-school season is officially here, and a lot of you are just starting high school. But I know it’s also kind of scary, and you’re probably really nervous. This week on the message boards, y’all are discussing advice for your freshman year: india4 said: “I was a freshman, now a sophomore, and I say that you will realize who you want to become. Get involved in activities to meet people and network. My advice is join lots of clubs so you can meet new people, concentrate on your schoolwork and grades because they’re really important (especially if you want to get into a good college), and take some chances, have fun.
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It’s divided in nine dualisms: Absence/presence, Design/Not design, Fashion/Anti-fashion, Model/Multiple, Then/Now, High/Low, Self/Other, Object/Subject, Clothes/Not Clothes.Andrew Bolton, curator at the MET, explains how the spatiality of the exposition was influenced by Zen concepts of Mu (emptiness) and Ma (space).An overall white space with different layers and boxes, “The designs feels as abstract as the indecipherable qualities of Kawakubo’s work.Clothes are hidden between cracks and crevices or set back away from the viewer, inviting you to discover them like a game of hide-and-seek”, he says.Its roots can be traced from the entry of the Sony Playstation in the gaming market, at a time when game cartridges were replaced with game CDs.

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