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Seit mehr als 90 Jahren ist Ihre Zufriedenheit unser wichtigstes Ziel – und der Grund, weshalb wir uns heute zu den führenden Reifenhändlern Deutschlands zählen können.

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The vast majority of the requests are not objectionable, but thousands provide insight not only into the boundaries of free speech but the amount of human ingenuity expended to display seven and eight character insults, sexual references and descriptions of bodily functions to other motorists.I'm talking, of course, about Fade Street, the post-Celtic-Tiger docu-soap about young women OMG-ing their way around D2. Thankfully, Preissner's series couldn't be more different.The show wasn't exactly a hit, with critics describing it as "a slow motion train wreck sprayed in fake tan" which was about as enjoyable to watch as "pouring hot gravy down your trousers". Not only is it a drama rather than reality TV but it hasn't been moulded by US sensibilities."Dust down your bikini, and press your prized FCUK T-shirt" the press release read, "as we watch students fend for themselves in the US of A". Preissner didn't want to produce a honed and honeyed American TV show or create an Irish version of Girls or Broad City."We're not the same as English or American people, we just aren't," she said.In late February 2016, social media users began sharing links and memes affirming that the leader of opposition to a North Carolina bathroom ordinance was a registered sex offender: published an article (titled “Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina”) which held that the “leader of efforts” to “allow men to use women’s bathrooms” was a convicted, registered sex offender.