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A retrospective cohort of 6,453 CHB patients who received HCC surveillance was constructed from the electronic clinical data warehouse.

In early May 2016, a number of tabloids around the world published stories about a “new” trend called sex roulette, in which people gather for unprotected sex with at least one member is secretly HIV-positive.

On , Britain’s Extreme ‘ sex roulette ‘ parties – where one person secretly has HIV and no one is allowed to wear a condom – are on the rise, doctors have warned.

Covariates of AFP elevation were determined from 53,137 AFP measurements, and covariate-specific receiver operating characteristics regression analysis revealed that albumin levels and exposure to NA therapy were independent determinants of AFP performance.

Doctors in Barcelona have seen a rise in the number of such parties, which they claim is a sign that people have “lost respect” for HIV.

Hi Snopes, I have seen stories floating around Facebook (as well as a couple of sensationalist British newspapers) claiming that ‘sex roulette parties’involving a hiv positive participant are on the rise.

Is there any truth to this or is it fake news being mistaken for the truth?

We describe three ways of using covariate information.

Springer, Cham In medical studies, the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve is a tool of extensive use to analyze the discrimination capability of a diagnostic variable.