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Turns out that chicks who love romance flicks are prone to mind-reader-itis: that is, they expect their guy to know what they want or how they're feeling without having to tell them.Think of all those movie moments when the lightbulb goes on for the guy and he suddenly knows exactly what's wrong and the perfect way to fix it. Here are three signs that you might be falling into the rom-com trap.You're sitting on your living room couch, lost in the semi-ridiculous fantasyland of 27 Dresses or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days for the tenth time. Well, not quite: A new study suggests that getting too caught up in these flicks might subconsciously turn you into the Girlfriend from Hell.Researchers from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland found in their study that romantic comedies can create unrealistic expectations for love and relationships — especially when it comes to communication.Here are 5 books which I believe every married couple should read: 1.

""Any attitude that automatically presumes your relationship is invincible and beyond any serious problems qualifies as overoptimistic, and is a sign that you may have some unrealistic expectations," says Paul Coleman, Psy.

What we found is that one of the best ways to improve our relationship is to read a book.

Reading: While reading any book can provide many of these benefits, reading the best books is almost guaranteed to help your marriage.

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When Jenny and I were dating, we spent several months one thousand miles apart.