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Whether it's checking cows or fixing fence, a couple that works and plays together, stays together.

I was reminded of some of these little things recently when my husband asked me to go for a ride in the pickup.

She agrees that it sucked, but she also has her own bowl of Jolly Ranchers, so she knows that sometimes sucking can be a good thing and she encourages him to keep it up.

Over the Easter weekend, my middle sister, Courtney, became engaged to her boyfriend, Riley. Already, us girls are engulfed in all of the fun details -- dresses, flowers, reception hall, etc.

Good conversation all animals most things Family is important to me, I am very self sufficient and can turn my hand to most things I really enjoy interesting...

Living in a small town and feeling like your dating options are running a bit thin?

In this world, some prefer to grow old alone while others look for partners whom they can share their lifetime with.

Chances are that her husband-to-be, like so many others I know, will be able to recite the lineage of any cow in his pasture, but he may forget important dates like anniversaries or birthdays.

And, while every night of the week won’t be like a romance novel, I bet they find ways to enjoy each other’s company.

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