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Oregon state laws on dating a minor

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Notwithstanding subsections (2) and (3) of this section, if the defendant is identified after the period described in subsection (2) or (3) of this section on the basis of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sample comparisons, a prosecution for: Rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree or sexual abuse in the first degree may be commenced at any time after the commission of the crime.

Notwithstanding subsection (10) of this section, if a prosecution for a felony listed in subsection (10) of this section would otherwise be barred by subsection (2) or (3) of this section, the prosecution must be commenced within two years of the DNA-based identification of the defendant.

[1993 c.546 §12; 1993 c.622 §1a; 1995 c.278 §50; 1995 c.766 §1; 1997 c.127 §1; 1997 c.561 §3; 1997 c.703 §3; 1997 c.873 §30; 1999 c.743 §22; 1999 c.954 §4; 2001 c.104 §148; 2003 c.191 §1; 2005 c.562 §26; 2005 c.708 §4; 2009 c.199 §1; 2009 c.442 §36; 2009 c.518 §1; 2009 c.570 §6; 2009 c.595 §364; 2009 c.633 §10; 2009 c.708 §3; 2010 c.60 §§4,5; 2011 c.151 §12; 2011 c.506 §38; 2011 c.703 §34; 2012 c.37 §60; 2012 c.92 §1; 2013 c.129 §26; 2013 c.180 §40; 2013 c.623 §17; 2013 c.624 §82; 2013 c.720 §11; 2015 c.98 §7; 2015 c.179 §1; 2015 c.736 §65] Oregon assembles these lists by analyzing references between Sections.

Each listed item refers back to the current Section in its own text.

For internet solicitation or online solicitation of a minor, the method of contact must involve some type of online or electronic means.

When this charge first evolved, most states restricted the application to conversations through the Internet, like those in chat rooms.

(Even Romeo would be labeled a sex offender today, as he was believed to be 16 and Juliet 13 when their relationship began.)Though the age of consent (i.e.

A typical defendant will argue by saying, “I never touched her, so why am I being charged?

” A defendant is essentially charged for the simple act of communicating in a certain way with a minor.

When charged with online solicitation of a minor, a defendant should understand the charge and its defenses, the initial penalty, and the long-term consequences.

Online solicitation of a minor is a very frustrating charge for many defendants because it does not require a completed “act” with a minor.