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“Lupita has been doing yearly check-ins with ICE and nothing happened,” said Lucy Sandoval, an activist who has been working with Garcia de Rayos’ family.
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Long-time SVU co-executive producers, Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters, and Lisa Marie Petersen departed the series at the end of Season 7.

Additionally, long-time Law & Order franchise director Constantine Makris departed until his return in the twelfth season.

Her accomplishments, beginning at the age of ascension at 18, cannot be underplayed, especially since she was sheltered as a child and ascended to throne in an era when her youth, gender, and small stature were dismissed out of hand.

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The awkwardness of the situation got even a little more real when Sam decided to embrace her white boo and bring him to a predominately black event.The focus of the story, a Halloween party with white students in blackface, did not happen in the real life of Simien, but we are to believe that it happens so frequently that it’s the raison d’être for both a movie and the subsequent Netflix adaptation, which adds on an innocent black man being held at gunpoint by racist campus police.In the 10 half-hour episodes of season one, a mix of millennial college angst, romantic entanglements, and budding social justice warrior activism simmers together in a racial melting pot ready to boil over at Winchester University, a fictional Ivy League school of mostly white students.While Gabe was trying to be understanding of the BSU’s protest against a blackface party, he still got questioned and harassed up and down because he was white and couldn’t possibly begin to sympathize with what his black classmates were going through.The point being, just because being white is viewed as the “norm,” or “standard” in our society, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be viewed that way when you come home to the meet the parents/friends.Sam, who’s the president of the Black Student Union, — and also hosts a radio show titled “Dear White People” — and the rest of the members of her organization crashed the party in protest.