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Thanks also for your help (on a holiday weekend) in the implementation of an additional feature to the site. I sent an e-mail to support and within a few hours they had it working perfectly.

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"I encourage all of you to support the Eternal Garment.Not only is this a Matrimonial website, but its a Matrimonial site encouraging members of our community, our brothers and sisters, to follow the ways of Prophet Muhammad SAW".If so: Please take one moment to help them by spreading the word about this very CRUCIAL and BENEFICIAL Community Service Project [Eternal] [More...] View All Continue If you’ve been ready to get married for a very looong time and are getting tired of waiting, just realize that Allah (swt) is preparing your future spouse to be RIGHT for YOU ;-) So dont be impatient, and don’t rush Allah!Fundamental outlook of sectors/companies and DCF (discounted cash flow) valuations are the primary factors in sectors’ allocation and stock selection.Major portion of the fund’s portfolio is high quality liquid stocks.Under the Regulation number 58(1)(k) of NBFC and NE regulations 2008, it is only allowed to borrow up to 15% of net assets for up to 90 days to meet redemption needs.“The vice-chancellor acted in bad faith and even negotiated in bad faith.

The coordinates of DTBC are:1°19'35.0"S, 36°50'54.0"E (Latitude:-1.326389; Longitude:36.848333).Dlamini said that an agreement had been reached on Thursday night to hold the General Assembly‚ and was surprised to hear Habib calling a media briefing to announce that it would be postponed.Earlier on Friday‚ the university said: “We had reached consensus with all university constituencies including Council‚ Senate‚ Convocation‚ labour and staff‚ but not with the protesting students‚” it said in a statement.The funds which are not invested in equities are required to be kept in bank deposits and short-term money market instruments/ placements.MCB-PSM is a long only fund and cannot undertake leveraged investments.Zaytuna Institute, CA, Video Endorsement at Gain-Peace Event 2013 "I am very happy that there is an organization that is targeting this niche...of the best advise I can give for sisters especially, is to make sure a Wali is involved". Video Endorsement at ISNA 2012 "Some guide lines to using Matrimonial websites; be modest, keep your conversation limited, and be purposeful.