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Lebanese economist, journalist and bank vice chairman Marwan Iskandar, who was a financial adviser to Hamad’s father Sheikh Khalifa – overthrown in a “white coup” in 1995 while Khalifa was counting his cash in Switzerland – is now preparing a book on the whole fandango.

He suggests that Sunni Muslim Qatar, like other fantasy emirates in the Gulf, has more problems than it might like to admit, but might just survive better than its neighbours.

Press freedom advocates have been lathering up their fury for the undemocratic Saudis, demanding that none shall touch the sacred studios of a Qatari channel that has in fact been pretty miserable in its reporting of Gulf Arab affairs over the years – not least events in the highly undemocratic emirate of Qatar itself.

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I was dressed in an old Irish pullover and crumpled trousers while UK businessmen in city-slicker suits were kept (deliberately) waiting outside the sheikh’s “divan”.

And over the past twelve months, freelance journalists paid by the Qataris were told they were off the payroll.

In the last four weeks, the Qataris have invited them back – only to discover that they were already on the Saudi payroll.

When I asked him why, if he didn’t like US policy on Iraq, he didn’t throw them out of their airbase in Qatar, the great man replied: “Because then all my Arab brothers will invade me!

” A smart cookie, although not one to escape Iskandar’s critical eye.