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Codeigniter validating dates

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Many developers go in the wrong direction by calculating the current month and then subtracting the number of months from it.Of course, this approach is slow and full of risks of allowing bugs.Strings limited to a certain length, dates in a particular format and required fields are all common uses of data validation.The Editor PHP libraries provide two different validation methods: Field validation is the one you will most commonly work with - for example checking that an e-mail address field actually contains an e-mail address, and Editor provides a number of ready to use validators for the most common data types as well as the ability to specify your own.The question is whether PHP cannot help us with built-in functions to perform these calculations for us.It is obvious, that from version 5.3.0 and later, there is an OOP section, which is great, but unfortunately this version is still not updated everywhere. As I said, there are many ways to go in the wrong direction.

The code included with the datepicker may have server-side code for this purpose, but usually not …

It achieves this by caching anything I/O related in XCache/APC.

Here is an example: The library requires that you have either XCache or APC installed, which would mean that it won't work on most hosting providers. Here is how it is used: use Assetic\Asset\Asset Collection; use Assetic\Asset\File Asset; use Assetic\Asset\Glob Asset; $js = new Asset Collection(array( new Glob Asset('/path/to/js/*'), new File Asset('/path/to/another.js'), )); // the code is merged when the asset is dumped echo $js- Combining assets in this manner is a good idea, as it can speed up your site.

Read More The format will determine what functions you need to use. However dates of this format xx/xx/xxxx will default to US format: m/d/Y and xx-xx-xxxx will default to European d-m-Y.

If your date format is known to be 'd/m/Y', then you can explode it to get the parts (day, month, year) and then use checkdate() to ensure that it's valid.