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The sailing program is highly unique and innovative in the addiction treatment field, dating back to Serenity Vista’s transition from Canada to the current Panama location and takes place on a 36 foot racing/cruiser Beneteau named “Decision.” Along with a continuing change in public policy and business practices diminishing the places people can smoke in public, there is also another change around smoking that is coming down the line: the awareness that nicotine addiction is a chronic disease, an addiction, and that successfully quitting smoking, for many, cannot necessarily be accomplished by sheer force of will alone. PRLog – BOQUETE, Panama Everyday thousands of men and women hop on a plane and fly many miles away from home in order to check into a residential or inpatient drug & alcohol rehab center.They literally set aside everything of value in their lives in order to address this life-shattering malady currently going on in their world. Why would they send the kids to grandma’s house for 60 or 90 days while they fly 3,000 miles away for treatment?Discovering incredible foods, curio shops, or a scenic view can be one of the many highlights of your holiday.

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The country boasts good weather (it’s outside the hurricane zone), a low cost of living and one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America.

In fact, this area is so popular that it saw a huge increase of travelers that are making it their ultimate spot to unwind.

A casino is attached to the hotel and has a good vibe. If you are searching for extravagant lodging or affordable options, we can help you find the best lodging to stay.

Why would they take a whole semester off from college and do such a thing?

Why would they take a medical leave of absence from work to embark on such a journey? Sooper Articles – BOQUETE, Panama The luxuriously appointed, surprisingly affordable addiction & alcoholism treatment located along the majestic hills of Boquete, Panama within the Chiriqui Province, announced recently an entirely new rehab track designed for those seeking help with chemical dependency to benzodiazepines.