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Blair and sawyer dating

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So unless the brunette met someone else recently, we think it’s pretty safe to say the hunk is her mystery bae.While there was no info on the guy back then, Blair has been showing glimpses of a cutie on her Snapchat for a little while now, and she’s finally ready to confirm that they are, in fact, dating.Blair Fowler has been keeping a big secret for a while!The You Tube star just admitted in a new video that she has a new boyfriend — and, yes, he's the guy fans have been seeing in her Snapchat videos.“[The man on my Snapchat] is my boyfriend and we did film a video the that I am so excited for you guys to see, so that will be up on my channel soon,” she said in a recent life update on her You Tube channel.The former contestant has previously said she wasn’t going introduce her viewers to any new significant others until she had a ring on her finger, but decided to move away from that mindset in recent weeks.After Blair's fifth birthday, the family relocated from New Orleans, Louisiana to Kingsport, Tennessee, where Blair attended Dobyns-Bennett High School.

Their respective second You Tube channels move away from purely beauty and fashion-related videos and branch into other topics such as health & fitness, their daily musings, and other random interests.

The two have received criticism over their haul videos potentially fueling shopping addictions and cultural idealizations of consumption and materialism, with an expert in shopping addiction listing the video as an example.

Each episode had the contestants competing in a beauty-related challenge, with one person getting eliminated before the next round begins.

Mrs Sawyer won Inspirational Woman of the Year in 2013 and a Royal Television Society award for Four Rooms the following year.

She is also the owner of an interior design company based in Knightsbridge, central London.