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A billboard advertising Where White People went up recently near Salt Lake City, sparking an uproar on social media.

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[ or .mp3 ] Radio Interview This interview, conducted by "North Shore Now" radio host Jacky Ankeles, originally aired on radio station North Shore 104.9 FM (WBOQ) and The Legends 1450 AM (WNBP). (17 minutes) [ or .mp3 ] "Up Front" (the Preface) read by Joseph E. (Includes a new introduction to the preface, by the author.) (7 MB, 9 minutes) [ or .mp3 ] Chapter 5: The Underbelly complete audio version, pages 126-167 , read by Joseph E.Garland, interspersed with buddies' voices (69 MB, 1 hour and 40 minutes) [ or .mp3 ] Chapter 6: Whale on the Beach complete audio version, pages 168-207 , read by Joseph E.

The podcasts include the author reading aloud the selected chapters, interspersed with the actual voices of the men Joe served with.

Also offered are selected audio snippets of the interview exerpts featured in the text of the book, so that visitors may choose to listen to audio extracts as smaller separate files.

Optionally, visitors can play the audio snippets to hear the relevant portions of the interviews and hear the speakers go beyond the bounds of what appears in the printed book. (30 MB) [ ] Radio Interview Author interview with Jordan Rich on WBZ News Radio 1030 AM, Boston.

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