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But don't be misled into thinking that fossils are the only evidence for evolution.

They're not even the strongest evidence for evolution.

Its fossil remains have been found in the Morrison Formation of Colorado and Utah, dating to the Late Jurassic epoch (Kimmeridgian to Tithonian stages), between 155 and 145 million years ago.

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As originally proposed in 1980 by a team of scientists led by Luis Alvarez and Walter Alvarez, it is now generally thought that the K–Pg extinction was caused by a massive comet or asteroid impact, estimated to be 10 km (6.2 mi) to 15 km (9.3 mi) wide, climate change, or sea level change, separately or together.

A wide range of species perished in the K–Pg extinction.

The best-known victims are the non-avian dinosaurs.

The extinction also destroyed a plethora of other terrestrial organisms, however, including certain mammals, pterosaurs, birds, Yet the devastation caused by the extinction also provided evolutionary opportunities.